I am passionate about design in all its forms, I'm happy when I make visual design,
motion design, compositing, roto, postproduction or things related to UI. I deeply
enjoy the privilege of being a designer. That's why I watch, analyze, make and share design. Here you can find some of my works.

Welcome / Välkommen / Bienvenido.

New reel.

My work appears in the Mocha Customer Reel.
(1:19) That's cool, I love this software!

Last years reel with my previous company m2mov.

Little star postproduction.
This is an amazing video made by my friends brorbror.
I was part of the postproduction making some of the
color correction and skies replacements.

BYD ad.
We made this video with the Ad Agency Plataforma.
The client was BYD and I was in charge of the modeling
of the car, color correction and the final composition.

Rotoscoping with Mocha and Nukex.
For a car Ad in Brazil. I worked as a freelancer for
Santatransmedia. In this case i made the roto for the car.